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Airport Yoga Rooms

Yoga Rooms: 9 airports where you can practice your downward dog

Last week, Jet Blue piloted a series of free yoga classes out of JFK’s Terminal 5, in an effort to keep passengers, happy, fit and comfortable. While this was just a one-week event featuring some of New York’s celebrated yogis and yoginis as teachers, it got us thinking about other terminals where yoga studios are […]

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Airport Fitness Facilities: 10 Ways To Stay Active During Your Layover

Airports have long since been a sanctuary for inactivity. It is not the traveler’s fault – bored and tired airline passengers are bombarded with fast food, moving sidewalks, escalators and chairs. Sure, the odd few perform a few stretches at the gate, or opt for the stairs. And of course, there is always the reluctant […]

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Airport Sleeping Pods

Updated 15 December 2015 A futuristic phenomenon is taking root at airports worldwide: sleeping pods! After decades of travelers sprawled out across chairs and aisles, ingenious and entrepreneurial individuals are finally beginning to invent comfortable ways to nap while in transit – but with a cost. From reclining cocoon chairs to queen sized luxury beds […]

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Travellers Experience an Arresting View at DFW Airport Chic-Point!

Let’s face it, we all hate queuing. However, lining up for airport security is not only detested by world-weary travelers, but getting X-rayed and, in some cases, having someone root around your bags in front of hundreds of strangers, takes it to a whole new level. But the great guys and gals at Dallas Fort […]

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Man Arrested at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport for Carrying 75 Pounds of Pot

A Georgia man was arrested at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport on Friday after police discovered 75 pounds of pot in his two suitcases. Man, that would have been one helluva party… The troubles for Adrelos Sanchez Waters began at McAllen Airport, a small airport near the US-Mexico border, where a sharp-eyed police officer noticed the […]

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