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Don’t Drink & Fly: 9 Passengers Who Prove Alcohol And Airplanes Don’t Mix

According to the latest IATA statistics, unruly passenger incidents increased more than tenfold between 2007 and 2011. The total number worldwide was just over six thousand, but at that rate airlines will soon have to turn their planes into commercial Con Airs. Barely a week goes by without some drunk causing a flight to divert, […]

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Duty free-for-all aboard Ryanair flight

Irish discount airline Ryanair, infamous for its penny-pinching, had the tables turned on it during a bizarre incident earlier this month. PO’d passengers did the pinching, reportedly raiding a drink cart for booze, cigarettes, food and perfume, during a flight gone wrong from Rabat, in Morocco, to Paris on Jan. 11. Part way into the 2.5-hour flight the pilot […]

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Toilet Humor: Passenger Stuck In Bathroom As British Airways Plane Takes Off

Talk about getting stuck with the worst seat on the plane! A woman was recently trapped in a bathroom as a British Airways plane sped down the runway and took off. The woman in question had paid for a real seat on the plane that was traveling from Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport to Gatwick Airport. It […]

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Delta Hosts Pizza Party for Passengers Stuck On Tarmac

It really sucks being stuck on a plane that’s not going anywhere. Sitting for hours on the tarmac, not knowing when you’re going to take off. It can make you pretty angry. And Delta Air Lines knows this – that’s why they decided to throw a pizza party for passengers who were waiting on the […]

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Holy Crap! Frozen Airplane Poop Crashes Through British Woman’s Roof

You know you’re in for a really crappy day when a pile of frozen poop from an airplane crashes through your roof and wreaks your home. Last Saturday at 7 a.m., Brit Caroline Guy thought she was being burglarized when she heard a loud crash. Imagine her surprise when she saw chunks of brown and […]

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Flight Passengers’ Take On Harlem Shake Could Mean Trouble For Airline

The Harlem Shake meme is taking over the Internet. And now, after a plane full of people got in on the craze, it could put an airline into some hot water with the Federal Aviation Administration. According to the LA Times, the FAA is less than impressed with Frontier Airlines after a video of passengers […]

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Scientists Say To Let Farts Fly On Airplanes

The next time you’re on an airplane and you feel an urgent rumbling in your bum, don’t hold it in! Sure, you’ll get some disapproving looks from your seat mates, but a recent study finds that holding in your farts on an airplane is bad for your health. We know that you have many questions […]

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