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Social Media Fail

7 People Who Landed Themselves In A Social Media Mess

One of our recent articles — 7 Ways To Get Banned From Flying — told how United passenger Chris Roberts tweeted his intention to hack into his aircraft’s flight computers. Once alerted to the content of his Twitter feed, the airline promptly informed the authorities and slapped Roberts with a lifetime ban. While he may […]

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7 Ways To Get Banned From Flying

7 Ways To Get Banned From Flying

In January 2016, a woman’s drunk and disorderly behaviour caused her Jet2 aircraft to divert to Ireland. The 42-year old was fined $10,000, and the airline banned her for life, in line with a zero tolerance policy towards disruptive passengers. Since then, their no-fly list has been growing by the week, and other airlines are […]

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Tips for Traveling with Kids

  Family travel is the ultimate dream—parents whisking their kids to tropical beaches, historical landmarks and beyond, creating special memories while simultaneously teaching their children about the world. But it can also be the ultimate nightmare. With tired children, extra suitcases, strollers and snacks galore, keeping track of everything can be tough. Factor in long […]

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Tips to avoid in-flight theft

Keep Your Valuables Safe with these 9 Air Travel Tips

Unfortunately for travelers, pre-flight and in-flight theft is on the rise. Just this month, South African Airways announced that a theft syndicate might be using its airline to run organized robberies. The report was released after R30,000 was stolen from Johannesburg resident Warren Becker as he slept during his flight from Johannesburg to Hong Kong. […]

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5 strange reasons for flight delays

5 Of The Strangest Reasons For Flight Delays

Winter is just around the corner and so are the inevitable long flight delays that go hand in hand with crappy weather. These days, in the US at least, passengers can expect better treatment because of new legislation that actually forces the airlines to look after them. After several well-publicised incidences where people have been […]

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Europe Flight Compensation

EU Flight Delay Compensation: All You Need to Know

Planning to fly in Europe? If you are, you would be wise to familiarize yourself with the Air Passengers Rights and Regulation 261/2004. Basically, this regulation outlines a series of rules for compensation and assistance that must be provided to passengers who experience delays, cancellations or a denial of boarding due to overbooking. These policies are […]

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Must Have Travel Accessories For Airport Sleepers

Over 20-plus years of professional and personal flying I have been in the air for nearly 20,000 hours, covered well over 6,000,000 miles and passed through hundreds of airports. Admittedly, that’s just a back of a cigarette packet calculation, but the numbers won’t be too far off the truth. Obviously, when I’m at work I […]

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