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Jeff Lewis Teaches Us How To Be An Airport Sleeper Photobomber

Last week @SuzyKoala on Twitter introduced me to Jeff Lewis, star of Bravo’s Flipping Out and Interior Therapy design shows. At first I didn’t understand why I would want to follow a designer (no offence), but then after looking through his Twitter stream, I discovered that airport sleepers are featured regularly in some pretty funny […]

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Airports with Free iPhone Apps

Now that more and more airports are providing WiFi, they are also coming up with phone apps.  The European airports are leading the charge with the app development, while it seems the the rest of the world’s airports are lagging behind.  I’ll keep this list updated and add to it as new apps are released. […]

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Saftey tips for women sleeping in the airport

Today I was horrified to read about a woman who was sexually assaulted at the Denver Airport on Monday night.  The 22-year old woman missed her connecting to flight to Illinois and with no money for a hotel, she decided to stay overnight in the concourse.

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To Lounge or Not To Lounge… the Airport

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to do a tour of the Plaza Premium lounges at Toronto’s Pearson International airport.  The Plaza Premium Lounge network offers “pay-in lounges”, which means that for a small fee those of us who fly with cheap tickets can have access to first class service, comfortable seating, buffet styles […]

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Turn your luggage into your living room

Inspired by people who are forced to wait at airports and train stations during their trip, this clever 4-piece suitcase set can be pieced together to build a two-seater couch. Twenty-two year old Dutch designer Erik de Nijs (the guy who brought us the keyboard pants), revealed his “Suited Case” project at Dutch Design Week […]

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Tips for not getting robbed while sleeping in the airport

One of the biggest concerns for solo airport sleepers is being robbed while they sleep.   So how does one sleep in an airport and not have their belongings stolen?  With more than 8100 reviews here I’ve only read two reviews of missing items and where did they happen? Delhi, Moscow, Pyongyang, Jakarta?? No, try Hong […]

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