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Jack Leonard is a 747 captain with over 20 years of airline experience. Living in France, based in the UK and operating around the world, he has seen his fair share of airports as both flight crew and passenger. He's not sure which is worse.

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10 Most Ridiculous Travel Accessories Ever Invented

Every once in a while someone comes up with an idea so useful that it’s hard to believe no one thought of it before. Wheeled luggage, for example, was the result of a simple premise and has since saved the backs of countless travellers. Unfortunately, in keeping with the law of averages, for every brilliant […]

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8 Bizarre Things That Really Happened At The Airport

Millions of people pass through airports every year and the law of averages suggests that a few of these experiences are going to be unconventional. With the inherent madness of the airports themselves, it’s no surprise that strange things happen. This week let’s have a look at a few of the most bizarre things to […]

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Top 10 Ways Airlines Piss Off Their Passengers

A few weeks ago we posted an article highlighting  The 15 Most Annoying Things People Do On Planes , so now it’s the turn of the airlines themselves. Technology and fierce competition have improved the experience somewhat in recent years, mainly by putting the worst offenders out of business. Even so, few people manage to fly without encountering at […]

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The 15 Most Annoying Things People Do On Planes

In an ideal world there would be no need for airlines and we’d all be flying our own private jets. Alas, the world is far from ideal and so there are two choices – go with an airline or don’t go. The experience is rarely a pleasant one, but would be nicer if everyone showed […]

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When 24 hrs Isn’t Enough: 6 People Who Actually Lived In Airports

Walk through the departure lounge of any airport at 4am and you will see sleeping bodies everywhere. There are those who have arrived early for the first flight as well as those who missed the last one the night before. Some are passengers on extended transits who, like many visitors to this website, chose a […]

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8 Crew Members From Hell You Don’t Want On Your Next Flight

One of our recent blog posts, Don’t Drink And Fly, showcased several passengers who found themselves in plenty of trouble because of alcohol. These were extreme examples, of course, but disruptive behaviour aboard aircraft is increasing at an alarming rate. Because the police have serious problems getting their cars up to 30,000ft, flight crews are […]

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Don’t Drink & Fly: 9 Passengers Who Prove Alcohol And Airplanes Don’t Mix

According to the latest IATA statistics, unruly passenger incidents increased more than tenfold between 2007 and 2011. The total number worldwide was just over six thousand, but at that rate airlines will soon have to turn their planes into commercial Con Airs. Barely a week goes by without some drunk causing a flight to divert, […]

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