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A huge fan of free Wi-Fi in airport lounges, Amy Tokic usually fills the 3-hour wait time before her flight leaves by catching up on her writing assignments. She misses those little packages of peanuts they used to give out on flights and doesn’t mind sitting in the aisle seat. Amy likes writing about the sordid underbelly of airport intrigue with strange and usual stories that probably won’t make the 6 o’clock news.

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Toilet Humor: Passenger Stuck In Bathroom As British Airways Plane Takes Off

Talk about getting stuck with the worst seat on the plane! A woman was recently trapped in a bathroom as a British Airways plane sped down the runway and took off. The woman in question had paid for a real seat on the plane that was traveling from Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport to Gatwick Airport. It […]

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Pet Me Pups Roaming LAX To Soothe Stressed Travellers

Flying can be stressful. But you know what makes that anxiety disappear? Petting a puppy! And Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has brought in the big dogs (and little dogs, too) to help calm passengers before take off. Launched just last week, LAX is working with the Pets Unstressing Passengers program (PUP), in order to create […]

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Abu Dhabi Airport GoSleep Pods Turn From Chairs To Beds For Sleepy Travellers

You’ll be a just like a pea in a pod when you need to get sleep at Abu Dhabi International Airport. That’s because this airport has just launched “GoSleep” Sleeping Pods for weary travellers passing through. Being touted as a “world first,” the GoSleep pods are state-of-the-art chairs that transform into a private flat bed. […]

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Perverts on the Plane: Reports of Sleeping Women Being Groped on Flights

We’re hoping that this report can serve as a warning to women travellers planning to take a nap during their flight.  There have been a few recent reported incidents of women being groped as they slept on the way to their destination. The latest alleged groping took place on a flight from Miami to Ronald […]

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Delta Hosts Pizza Party for Passengers Stuck On Tarmac

It really sucks being stuck on a plane that’s not going anywhere. Sitting for hours on the tarmac, not knowing when you’re going to take off. It can make you pretty angry. And Delta Air Lines knows this – that’s why they decided to throw a pizza party for passengers who were waiting on the […]

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Holy Crap! Frozen Airplane Poop Crashes Through British Woman’s Roof

You know you’re in for a really crappy day when a pile of frozen poop from an airplane crashes through your roof and wreaks your home. Last Saturday at 7 a.m., Brit Caroline Guy thought she was being burglarized when she heard a loud crash. Imagine her surprise when she saw chunks of brown and […]

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Berlin Brandenburg Airport Spends £4,000 A Day Because It Can’t Turn The Lights Off

It’s bad enough that the Berlin Brandenburg airport is years behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget. Now officials can add a freaking huge electrical bill into the mix, because it turns out this airport can’t turn off the lights. The lights are staying on at BER 24/7 because, as the airport planner says, […]

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