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Donna McSherry is a former travel consultant specializing in South America. As creator of The Guide to Sleeping in Airports she may be the only person who arrives at an airport super early and intentionally books flights with long layovers -- just to hang out (and nap) in the airport! A photography enthusiast, her travel photos have appeared in The Washington Post. Her favourite places are northern Chile, New York City and Hawaii. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

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Jet Blue Metronaps sleep pods at JFK Airport

JetBlue Installs Nap Pods At JFK Airport

We are all too familiar with the annoying announcements, bright lights and abundance of armrests that often prevent the weary traveller from catching up on some well-needed rest.  However, one airline has just introduced a solution to help us re-energize with a quick nap. JetBlue is giving its customers a unique way to recharge and overcome […]

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Jeff Lewis Teaches Us How To Be An Airport Sleeper Photobomber

Last week @SuzyKoala on Twitter introduced me to Jeff Lewis, star of Bravo’s Flipping Out and Interior Therapy design shows. At first I didn’t understand why I would want to follow a designer (no offence), but then after looking through his Twitter stream, I discovered that airport sleepers are featured regularly in some pretty funny […]

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Kangaroo Found Hopping Around the Airport Pharmacy

You never know who (or what) you’ll encounter at the airport. On October 16, a kangaroo surprised travellers at Melbourne Airport when it hopped through the busy terminal and into the pharmacy, an appropriate area considering its injuries. Given the name Cyrus, after one of his rescuers, the male eastern grey kangaroo had been injured […]

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New Relaxation Area in Helsinki Vantaa Airport

Update: this lounge was a test project that operated from September – November 2013. Any day now, Helsinki Vantaa Airport will be opening a cool new relaxation area with different kinds of easy chairs and separate, closed spaces with beds and sleep pods. The Relaxation Area is located in Terminal 2, next to gate 31. […]

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Christchurch Airport Closes Doors to Airport Sleepers

Airport Sleepers are not welcome at Christchurch Airport. On May 6, the airport adopted a harsh policy of closing and “clearing” its international terminal between the hours 12am-5am, leaving travellers to sleep in bus shelters, car parks and on the streets in freezing temperatures as they await their early morning flights. The reason for the […]

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Photo Gallery: People Sleeping On The Airport Floor Like It Was A King Size Bed

When airport sleepers are defeated by armrests or lack of comfortable seating, they usually end up on the floor.  There are certainly challenges to overcome when sleeping on the floor such as: cleanliness, cold floor temperature and well, sleeping on a rock hard surface.  But don’t despair airport sleepers!  If you come prepared, sleeping on the […]

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Plane Hotels: Sleeping on Airplanes Without the Turbulance

Whether you love anything aviation themed or you just want to experience sleeping on an airplane without sitting upright and drooling on yourself, we have something for you.  Check out these three airplanes that have been salvaged from the airplane graveyard and  recycled into unique airplane hotels.

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