Snooze KL Napping Rooms at Kuala Lumpur Airport
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“Take a Nap” Rooms Now Offered at Kuala Lumpur Airport

Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) may get a boost in its ranking of world’s best airports to sleep in, with the introduction of Snooze KL, a 13-room napping facility near gates G4 and G6 at the airport’s International Contact Pier. Each Snooze KL room can accommodate two adults and one child, with each room featuring a bunk bed, electronics charging dock, wifi and enough space to store carry-on baggage.

Rates start at 30 RM per person per hour, which equals about $7.90 in U.S. dollars under the current rate of exchange, and there is a one-hour minimum booking time. Rates are based on a sliding scale that decreases the price with the number of people and hours booked. Snooze KL also has the business traveller in mind, as the facility offers printing, fax and photocopying services.

Snooze KL offers transit travellers the least expensive option for finding an actual bed absent a hotel room. And while the service does not include shower facilities, public showers are available elsewhere in the airport. For those not wanting to pay for their sleeping space, KLIA operates a free rest and relaxation zone with lounger style seating, one of several reasons the airport was ranked sixth best airport in the world in 2014 by Sleeping in Airports readers.

Walk-ins are welcome, but Snooze KL encourages travellers to secure their rooms in advance by making an online reservation at However, travellers should be aware that reservations may not be held in cases of flight delays, and that only partial refunds of 50 percent are provided if cancellations are made within 24 hours of the reservation.

Snooze KL was founded and operated by New Zealand tourism operator Wetini Mitai, who established the Snoozecube napping service at the Dubai International Airport. Mitai, who is of Maori descent, invites all travellers transiting through KLIA to “te moenga,” which means “take a nap” in his native language.

Snooze KL Entrance

Snooze KL Bunk Bed

Snooze KL Lower Bed and Recharging Outlet

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