Helsinki Airport GoSleep Pods
Photo Credit: Finavia

GoSleep Pods Land At Helsinki Airport

The airport sleep pod phenomenon continues to spread with the latest installation of futuristic pods in Helsinki. Piggy-backing off the popularity of European sleep cubes in Munich, Amsterdam and London, Helsinki Vantaa International Airport recently introduced a series of capsules that allow the weary traveler some privacy and shuteye.

The details, you ask? On your next Helsinki layover, you will now have the option of slipping into one of 19 locally-designed “GoSleep” pods, located at Gates 18 and 38. The rate is 9 Euros per hour – but, you’ll be able to nap for FREE during the spring! Each sleep pod is an ergonomic seat that transforms into a bed with a privacy shield that creates a light and noise-free cocoon. You can store your hand luggage beneath the seat – but you may want to bring your electronics in with you, since each nest comes equipped with a single plug. Couple this with the provided pillow and blanket, and you’re sure to snooze soundly knowing your belongings are safe, and your devices – charged.

This sleep pod initiative is but one of a plethora of improvements Finavia has made to Helsinki Airport lately. Together with yoga classes, relaxation zones, the Kainuu public lounge and more, the airport is working hard to boost both layover traffic, and traveler happiness. We wonder if this might just be the item that bumps Helsinki up to the number one spot in our “Best Airports in Europe” list this year?

And of course, if you’re in Helsinki, do be sure to tweet us a picture of these pods in action! We can’t wait to hear traveler reviews about their value for price.  Leave a comment below or submit your airport review.

Update 05 August 2015 – The rate has been reduced from 9 Euros to 5 Euros per hour.  

Photos courtesy of Finavia

Helsinki Airport GoSleep Pods

Helsinki Airport GoSleep Pods Closed

Helsniki Airport GoSleep Pods Blankets and Pillows

Lindsay Seegmiller

Lindsay Seegmiller is a Canadian-based freelance travel writer, passionate about exploring the untouched corners of the world. A lifelong backpacker and a perpetual airport sleeper, she has seen her fair share of airport floors around the world. While most of her travels have taken her to the bleak airports across Africa, she loves her jaunts through European airports and very much hopes to get to Singapore Changi’s koi garden one day.


  • how often are they cleaned? Bed bugs…lice… How about the quality/quantity of air? Any ventilation? Helsinki is clean, but not all travelers are.

  • Do you know if this is available in August? You mentioned spring but I just wanted to be sure. We have a flight into Helsinki that will arrive at midnight and are hoping to get some sleep before a bus at 8am.

    • I can’t say for sure if they will be available when you travel, but they are currently still available.

  • Great Idea, but in Hanoi Airport also has this type of capsule and much cheaper: $5.5/h

  • Great Idea, In Hanoi Airport also has one of this capsule type, but they are bigger and cheaper about $5.5/h and much cheaper if you stay longer: Here they are

  • I’m sitting here at Miami for 6 hours and I would give just about anything for a lay down place to nap for a couple hours right now. What a great concept/idea! Every airport should have these.

  • Agree with the rest of the commenters, it’s a little pricey for a whole night, but if you’re just going to be there for a couple hours it would be worth it!

  • 9 Euro/hour… Hmmm…. Better a hotel room then. 9×8= 72 euro/night…. It is good for 2-3 hours… Still pricy

  • Such a great invention 🙂 I would love to sleep in it and have a new sleeping experience.