February News Highlights: A Month of Chaos, Nudity and Shameless Traveller Behaviour

February proved to be another month filled with happenings that were unpredictable, hilarious and sometimes a bit shocking. We were most definitely surprised with the flood of nudity-related stories during this oft-chilly month, and were delighted to see an airport stand up to food price gauging. Coupled with an out of control protest and an embarrassing prank, airports and airplanes are certainly not becoming dull. If you hear – or experience – something newsworthy in March, be sure to drop us a line!

1. Lingerie as a seat-saver at Chiang Mai Airport

Early this month, a female tourist photographed drying her bra and underwear in the departure lounge was branded as “vulgar” by authorities at Chiang Mai Airport. The traveler sparked outrage when she was seen hanging her bra, underwear and sundress over the backs of nearby chairs as she waited to board her flight. Spread out over six chairs, the woman curled up with her phone in a sleeping bag while curious and horrified travelers looked on. Airport staff later asked her to put away her underwear without incident. Since then, the airport has vowed to crack down on this kind of “rowdy” behaviour in the future with the promise that “offenders will be asked to leave the airport and continue their journey in some other way”.… So, be sure to dry your laundry beforehand.

Chiang Mai Airport Underwear

2. In-flight strip show leads to emergency landing

After perhaps one-too-many mini bottles of wine, a passenger on a Ryanair flight traveling from Riga to Dublin apparently grew a little bit restless with his seat. His solution? To take off his shirt and perform a punching-style dance at the back of the plane. After crew members grew concerned, fellow passengers restrained the man and the flight was then diverted to Denmark for an emergency landing. Now banned from future travel with Ryanair, we can only assume it was quite the hangover…

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3. A love story? Or total insanity?

Long distance relationships are tricky – emotionally, financially and logistically. Though most people bite the bullet and just buy multiple plane tickets, one Romanian man went a different route. After finding out that a flight to London was sold out, he took matters into is own hands and snuck onto an airplane (… bound for Spain) in the middle of the night. Remarkably, he successfully made it onto the plane hours before departure. But then, vanity and boredom got the better of him. When airport officials noticed a flash coming from the cockpit of an empty airplane, they went to investigate only to find this Romanian life coach in the cockpit taking selfies! Denying that he was trespassing, the man claimed he was invited there by a pilot who offered him sexual favours. Needless to say, the man was arrested and didn’t see his girlfriend that weekend.

4. Getting through security without a beep

Having trouble figuring out why you keep setting off the metal detector? Frustrated with constantly looping back through security? Nakedness continued in February when one man decided the easiest way to pass through security was to strip naked before proceeding through the detector at St. Peterburg Pulkovo Airport! Beginning with his pants, the passenger stripped down until there was literally nothing left. Calmly he passed through security, apparently asking why the staff had not opted for a further search. With that, he proceeded to re-dress and carry on with his journey – while bemused staff stood around.

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5. And you thought a hamburger was expensive… Check out these noodles!

Instant noodles have long since provided cheap sustenance for budget travelers. However, this salty snack caught one traveler in Hanoi, Vietnam off guard when the bill came up to VND 100,000 (USD 4.70)! Apparently, the item had no marked price and so, one “entrepreneurial” staff member took advantage of the opportunity. Vietnamese airports have had a number of food price-related complaints filed against them, which ultimately led the airport to institute price ceilings. Officially, noodles cost a maximum of $1 or $3 in the domestic and international terminals respectively. As punishment for breaking this price ceiling, the vendor was in fact shut down and fined! Could this be the beginning of something great for travelers tired of inflated airport prices?

6. Police offers called in to restore order after protests at Jakarta Airport

Delays got the better of passengers traveling out of Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Here, over 6000 passengers were stranded during the Chinese New Year after a series of delays rippled through 16 Air Lion flights. Travelers on this low-cost carrier began small, with barricades, noisy protests and the bizarre taping of shoes to desks. However, after 24-hours of delays, things began to escalate as passengers forced their way onto the tarmac, burned computers, smashed glass and flipped trolleys. Ultimately, 500 local police were called in to restore a bit of sanity…

7. Anything to Declare? Remember to check the contents of your luggage…

At Budapest Airport, a couple of friends pranked a groom-to-be as they took off for a bachelor party holiday. When the groom was stopped at security for an additional baggage search, his sneaky friends began to giggle. As the contents of the man’s carry-on were emptied around him, the security officer eventually found what he was looking for…. a sex toy taped to the side of a water bottle!

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The Editorial Staff

A great group of writers who enjoy sharing the latest airport and airline news with SleepingInAirports readers. Send a news tip or article suggestion to editor@sleepinginairports.com.
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A great group of writers who enjoy sharing the latest airport and airline news with SleepingInAirports readers. Send a news tip or article suggestion to editor@sleepinginairports.com.

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