Photo Gallery: People Sleeping On The Airport Floor Like It Was A King Size Bed

When airport sleepers are defeated by armrests or lack of comfortable seating, they usually end up on the floor.  There are certainly challenges to overcome when sleeping on the floor such as: cleanliness, cold floor temperature and well, sleeping on a rock hard surface.  But don’t despair airport sleepers!  If you come prepared, sleeping on the floor means you won’t have to deal with armrests and you will have a lot more space to stretch out.

In this photo gallery, we’ll some share tips about what to do (and what not to do) when sleeping on the airport floor.

Let’s start:

We understand the purpose of armrests, but that doesn’t mean we like it.  Armrests = uncomfortable airport sleeping (or no sleeping at all).  However, when you relocate to the floor, you can stretch out and enjoy some sweet airport dreams.

Photo by Podolux /

While we’re not sure if the puddle behind this airport sleeper happened before or after falling asleep, it is always best to avoid sleeping near liquids on the floor.

people sleeping on floor luton airport 06-02-2010
photo by Ian Dennis /

Eyeshades help block out the light, especially for you backsleepers.

Juneau Int. Airport - Sleeping Lucas :)
photo by peter2222 /

Some airport sleepers are so tired that  they don’t need luxuries such as pillows, blankets and eyeshades. Instead, they appear to just collapse onto the floor. With no visible luggage in this photo, we’re really not sure if we should call for medical attention or assume this traveller is just sleeping.

Totally tired
Photo by Quan the Pooh /

Carpet adds a bit of padding, but we would seriously recommend that you add a blanket to the floor to shield yourself from whatever is living or growing in those carpet fibers.

Chicago O'Hare Internatinal Airport
photo by fhke /

Or better yet, come prepared with your own travel mat.

2011.04.23 - Kuala Lumpur
photo by Chasing Donguri /

Airport air-conditioning is usually set to “arctic”, so if you daytime sleepers don’t have a blanket, find a sunny window to keep warm.  SPF is optional.

last sleep in the holly land
Photo by Yakirpo /

Some backpackers come prepared with sleeping bags for a toasty warm sleep.

one of many airport sleeps. at least they are warm
Photo by halferris /

A few airport sleepers have been known to make themselves too much at home inside the airport.  These sleepers appear to be so warm inside their sleeping bags that they have taken off their shirts.  Boys, you are sleeping in Singapore Changi.  Show some respect, would you?  ha!

Singapore Changi - sleeping on the floor
photo by deeknow /

This airport sleeper appears to be building fortress walls around her bed.

photo by gabeandchry /

During snow and hurricane season, you’ll be sharing the floor with a lot of new friends.  If you’re lucky the airline or airport will provide blankets and pillows.  Don’t count on it though and always travel with your own airport sleeping supplies.

JFK Delta Flt DL31
photo by Kevin Prichard Photography /

When you sleep on the airport floor, you become closer to your friends in ways that you never imagined.

Sleeping travellers
Photo by anglogean /

No shoes in bed, please.

photo by mynameisharsha /

Try to sleep out of the way of the  pedestrians.

Photo by somesatellite /

Unless you want an early wake-up call, we do not recommend setting up your bed at the first place travellers go when they check-in.

Trip to nowhere - Sleeping in the Terminal
Photo by Rhadamon /

The floor is the best spot for those of you who sleep in the running man pose.

Photo by stepintomythimble /

When you are not travelling with your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband and you are feeling lonely, let your bags be your companion.

photo by Allen /
photo by Allen /

….but not so much so that it looks like you having an inappropriate relationship with your suitcase.

the big sleep
Photo by lianahofer /

We’re really amazed by this sleeping position on so many different levels.  The crossed  arms really shows authority and ownership of the floor.  Own it!

photo by Jason Church /

We think this traveller is the epitome of “airport sleeper cool” – sporting sunglasses and two other airport sleepers on each side. Three’s company on this king-size airport bed.

photo by Alireza /

So who do you think had more back pain when they woke up the floor sleeper or the chair sleeper?   Which spot would you choose?

Thailand-Phuket Airport
photo by PnP! /

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