Photo Diary: Lyon-Saint Exupéry

Working as an au pair in France definitely has its advantages, but it’s not a lucrative position. So, travelling has to be done on the cheap – meaning a lot of inconveniently timed flights and consequent nights spent in airports.

On a recent trip, I took the last Faure Vercors airport shuttle bus of the night from Grenoble train station to Aéroport Lyon-Saint Exupéry for an early morning flight to Barcelona. A freezing cold evening, the shuttle was running late due to a major accident on the highway. Only two other passengers waited it out with me at the dark bus terminal.

About two hours later, when we arrived a little before midnight, the airport was beautifully lit and surprisingly populated.

Lyon-Saint Exupery image-1

Lyon-Saint Exupéry


The other two people on the bus rushed inside and, clearly knowing what they were doing, set up camp in the booths of the closed Premium Bar in Terminal 2.

Lyon-Saint Exupery image-2

Bar Area Seating


Although the rest of the restaurants and cafés were also closed by this point (some even said they closed by 8PM!), nearby was a thorough vending machine offering both hot and cold beverages as well as snacks.

Lyon-Saint Exupery image-3

Vending Machines


In the restrooms between Terminals 1 and 2, there are showers. However, to use them, you need to first visit the information center, which is open from 6AM to 11:30PM.

Lyon-Saint Exupery image-4



The “Centre de Services” also offers an internet kiosk, photocopies and faxes, lounge access, and more.

Lyon-Saint Exupery image-5

Centre de Services


If you need to access the internet after the center closes, though, there are kiosks from which you can purchase various amounts of time.

Lyon-Saint Exupery image-6

Internet Station


With Premium Bar’s tables already occupied, I wandered to some soft, circular booths outside of L’Atelier des 2 rives. Finding an outlet right next to the couch, I felt like I’d won the jackpot. At that moment, though, I realized I’d forgotten the converter for my American laptop. With its 40-minute battery life, there was no way I’d be able to watch any of the movies I’d prepared for the wait.

Lyon-Saint Exupery image-7

Booth Seating


If not for my Kindle, I’d have been very grateful for the free magazines the airport graciously provided.

Lyon-Saint Exupery image-8

Free magazines


My only other concern was that I’d be too cold to sleep. In January, I’d spent the night at Moscow Domodedovo after a flight delay resulted in missing the last train into the city. Even wearing almost every piece of clothing I’d packed beneath my extreme-weather coat, I shivered for hours.

As a backup plan, I figured I could retreat to Hotel NH, located literally right outside (the hotel website lists its distance from the airport as 0.00km).  With rooms starting at about 80euros a night, it wouldn’t have been a terrible financial setback.

However, using my coat as a blanket, I slept soundly. By 5AM when I woke up, both of the other two booths were also occupied by sleeping travelers.

Although I would be flying out of Terminal 3 with easyJet, I had been advised not to sleep there. About a five or 10 minute walk away, the terminal was definitely less cosy.

Lyon-Saint Exupery image-9

Terminal 3 Seating

Still, once through ticketing and security, the gates featured their own set of unique amenities, including a microwave and a bar with outlets for each stool.

Lyon-Saint Exupery image-10

Terminal 3, Airside


Lyon-Saint Exupery image-11

Terminal 3 -microwave your own food


Lyon-Saint Exupery image-12

Terminal 3, Airside Dining

Boarding, I felt there was little else I could’ve asked for from a night in the airport, and having spent (too) many nights in transit, few left me feeling as refreshed as Lyon-Saint Exupéry.

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  1. Jeremy March 18, 2013 at 1:03 pm #

    I have family not too far from Lyon, so St Exupery has often been my point of entry when going to Europe. Solid airport, one of the better ones I’ve ever been to. Very modern, well designed, the TGV train station is a great piece of architecture, not to mention ultra-convenient. Terminal 3 is less impressive, but hey, it’s Easyjet, no need for frills. Nice post.

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