Photo Gallery: People Caught Sleeping “Flycatcher-style” in the Airport

Airport sleepers have been caught snoring, drooling, and laying down with their asses hanging out of their pants.  In this photo gallery, we would like to introduce you to some airport sleepers demonstrating a sleeping position we call the “flycatcher”.

sleeping man @ Schiphol airport
by Thijs Holzapfel /
photo by: seddeg /
Photo source: imgur
At the Airport
photo by: leesure /
Jason Out Like A Light
photo by: remydwd /
Early Morning at Bush Intl Airport
Photo by: J Mazzolaa /
Sleep #7
photo by: mindgutter /
Me "Sleeping"
photo by: jshyun

Special thanks to all of the wonderful photographers who allowed me to share these photos and the airport sleepers brave enough to be seen sleeping like this. If you have airport sleeper photos that you would like to share in this or a future gallery, SUBMIT PHOTOS HERE

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  • Love those pictures and your page 🙂 Tomorrow night I have to spend the night at Frankfurt airport. Can’t wait 😀 But I’ve already done it and have to admit that it’s one of the best airports to sleep at and you always find a quiet spot.