Poll Results: What is your airline/airport career?

Last week we asked, what job would you be most suited for if you had to work in an airport or the airline industry.

We ran the poll a little longer this week, but the results are in and here are your picks:

Those who voted, apparently kick ass in flight simulator video games or were inspired by this video that made flying a plane sooooooo much fun.  Check it out below.

If you picked this as your dream airport job, then you are probably rude and suspicious of everyone, including members of your own family.

You know ….. the guy on the tarmac wearing the big headphones that waves the planes into and away from the gate.  It sure looks like a fun job.  This is the one I picked…hahaha.  :-))

Runners Up:
Flight attendant, Check-in/Gate Agent, Air Marshall and Air Traffic Control

Thanks for participating.  If you have a poll idea that you would like to share, leave it in comments or email editor@sleepinginairports.com.  If we run it you’ll receive credit and a link back to your site if we run it.

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