10 Most Ridiculous Travel Accessories Ever Invented

Every once in a while someone comes up with an idea so useful that it’s hard to believe no one thought of it before. Wheeled luggage, for example, was the result of a simple premise and has since saved the backs of countless travellers. Unfortunately, in keeping with the law of averages, for every brilliant [...]

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Kerkyra Airport Landside

Photo Diary: Kerkyra Airport

Date: June 20-June 21, 2014 After 10 glorious days spent swimming in crystal clear water, enjoying delicious Greek grub, and relaxing in the sun on the island of Corfu,Greece it was time to see new places. I arrived to the Kerkyra Airport (Airport code CFU) via the “Blue Bus” from Corfu Town. It was a [...]

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Delays Done Right: Frontier Airlines Pilot Buys Pizza For Stranded Passengers

We had a hunch that Frontier Airlines had the capacity for greatness when we first saw their animal themed vertical stabilizers (… tail wings). And man, were we right! This budget airline just out did its competitors when the pilot threw an impromptu pizza party for his delayed flight. Flight 719 was scheduled to fly [...]

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Finnair To Offer Unisex Sauna At Helsinki Airport Lounge

Helsinki, you’ve done it again! Last month, we reported on the airport’s yoga pilot project and this month, we’re here to tell you about unisex saunas! This is the latest Nordic touch to this unique and innovative airport, enabling passengers to experience another wonder of Finnish culture without actually clearing customs. The sauna is located in [...]

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Traveling with Children: 10 Kid-Friendly Airports

We’ve all been there. While family vacations are wonderful, there is that moment on route where you are just not positive the entire family will make it there in once piece. Whether it is because one sibling seems intent on torture, one child has gotten hungry or – worst of all – a parent has forgotten that critical [...]

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Fans watch World Cup soccer at Changi Airport

World Cup Fever Strikes Airports

Travelers intent on catching a few hours of sleep at the airport over the coming month may want to splurge on a good pair of earplugs, or a few extra sleeping pills. A number of airports and airline passengers have fully embraced FIFA fever, and their excitement and enthusiasm is contagious across international boundaries. Whether it spreads at [...]

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